With the arrival of our little man, it became clear that I needed to FINALLY put my website to use. And so, friends and family, this site is now dedicated to our new lives as parents.

It’s the Smith Sandbox, in a way, because this is where we will laugh and play. Please feel free to comment/critique, as I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing. I hope, though, that this becomes a fun place to check out what Sawyer is up to. So sit back and laugh…it’s gonna be a fun ride.


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  1. December 7, 2006 10:25 pm, link

    Hey Dad, Mommy, and My Man Sawyer,

    I have really missed seeing you all the past two weeks. We have been really busy at work and church (Transformed Choir Dinner Theater). I have been working 60+ hours a week and I am ready to have some family time. It’s just one of those times that a small business owner has to get the job done.

    Anyway, I hope you three are getting along great. I remember that time in mine and Sherry’s life with a newborn, only we weren’t as young as you guys.

    I just talked to your Mom, she called to tell us there was no school tomorrow. She told me about your site, so here I am.

    I think of you often and I am so proud to be included in your lives.

    Love You!

    Uncle Joe

    Comment by Juncle Joe
  2. December 18, 2006 9:20 pm, link

    Oh my goodness! Your baby is soooo beautiful! I am glad to hear you are proud parents of a healthy baby! Boy I feel old! Life changes so quickly….are you guys really old enough to have children????
    Sawyer is the coolest name!
    Love you guys

    Comment by Jamie McNutt
  3. December 27, 2006 12:13 pm, link

    Hey, it’s your neighbor down the road. Just checking out the site. Sawyer looking cuter than ever. If you ever need anything, like an evening of Nintendo Wii, just say the word. We’re right down the street. :)

    Comment by Brady Wilson
  4. January 8, 2010 7:43 pm, link

    We new he would be ut fan before he ever came home.

    Comment by Miss.Lauren

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